I’ve been reading a lot about the local church lately and can’t help but find the term itself a bit comical, though I agree it’s an important concept.  The reason I chuckle is that I personally drive past over a dozen churches no more than a block off the main road I take on my way to church in the morning.  I am sure I am passing brothers driving the opposite direction to worship at those other churches…what if we could scrap it all and start over?  Could we allocate Christians from the same neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, etc. so that they can more easily do ministry in these aforementioned places?  To make it happen would we be willing to make compromises on tertiary issues of music availability, building designs, preaching styles, etc.?  How about secondary issues involving non-essential doctrine and ordinances/sacraments?  Is it better that church is so democratized for us today?  Or is it preventing us from really practicing Eph 4:1-6?  Comments are always welcome.  Happy Lord’s Day!