From here on if I’m plugging a sermon, article, book, etc. that does a particularly excellent job at Making It (some aspect of the Gospel or it’s implications) Clear, I’m going to denote that with a “Wow Rating” from here on just “WOW.”  I may come up with other expressions for things I plug, but are not max caliber, but we’ll start here.

So the first WOW goes to John Piper for the sermon he preached this past Sunday on Church Membership.  They are beginning a series on this topic and it’s connection with Baptism (God is so hilarious in his sovereignty, I’ve been craving more answers on this exact combination of subjects) at Bethlehem Baptist Church and this first sermon is about why churches should have membership at all.  I have come away almost completely convinced of the biblical reality of church membership, and greatly encouraged to think and pray more about this subject with direction.  Here’s David Mathis’s description from the DG blog.

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