I like reading blogs.  I read ones by people and ministries I really respect and have incredible thoughts to pass my way; I read ones by friends so I can hear their thoughts on things and keep up with what’s going on while we’re apart; I read ones about deals so I can save money when I have to buy something; and I read some just for fun.  I’m pretty picky and only read posts I really want to read, but since I started following them very consistently I have been incredibly blessed, saved money, laughed a lot, and experienced other little pleasures.  There are huge downs to reading a lot of blogs and there are more to writing blogs a lot (future post), but if done in moderation, this can be a really great activity.  If you’re actually reading this on my website right now, It’s nice to have you stop by and look at the theme I took hours to choose, but you’re wasting valuable time.  You could have already read whatever I have to say, found your new favorite YouTube video, and made a sandwich — the secret is using RSS.

I’m not going to use valuable time explaining what it is or how it works, because some folks already have.  Abraham Piper with DesiringGod.org explains the benefits to RSS.  Matt Perman also with DG offers a primer on RSS feeds.  And Tim Challies has the most helpful post I’ve read about RSS feeds.  Give it a go…if you hate it you can always quit, but I bet you’ll find it extremely beneficial.  Reading about RSS is not what convinces you of it’s usefulness…using it is what convinces you.

The last thing I’ll say is after you’ve decided to try, use NetVibes.  That is what I use, and it is amazing.  You create a homepage for yourself that allows you to have a tabbed homepage with absolute freedom how you organize it.  I have a General page with links to my primary email account, my Facebook page, my del.icio.us links, and my box.net account.  I have another tab with News, which includes syndication for three newspapers, a sports news syndication, and some other good stuff.  I have another tab for blogs I follow regularly. And I have another one with friends blogs.  This allows me to dig up every gem the internet has to offer with one minute scans at a time.  Give it a go, you will really like it.