Any of the guys in my discipleship-group can tell you that I am a huge fan of the ESV for Bible study.  I’m also a huge fan of the Olympics.  And I’m an even bigger fan of foreign missions.  So it’s with great pleasure that I read Justin Taylor’s post this morning about ESV bilingual Bibles being handed out in large numbers at the Olympics.  Let’s pray that God’s word will go forth and not return void, and that the people of China will gain more and more access to God’s word!


I spent two summers in college working at Salem Ranch, a home for troubled teens in Middle-of-Nowhere, IL.  My former youth pastor who had discipled me was the director of the program.  The second summer I spent up there was much drier than the first as far as seeing fruit in the lives of guys I tried to invest time with (and in my life).  That summer Steve (my old youth pastor) taught and modeled something that has proved invaluable for ministry.  God demands faithfulness from us, not fruitfulness.  In other words, we are called to be obedient not to give a list of numbers.  He will provide the fruit, we are called to be faithful.  So often in ministry we long to see fruit, which is good.  However, instead of that motivating us to faithful prayer and faithful ministry despite the results, we allow ourselves to become discouraged if someone we are investing time with is not showing radical change all the time.  There’s more I could say about this, but for now I’d like to point you to The DesiringGod Blog.  They have a guest post from a missionary in Asia on this subject that is well worth reading.

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I often stay pretty up to date with what’s on the internet, especially if it involves quality humor.  Rooming with an internet junkie in college rubbed off on me.  So when it comes to Internet Phenomenon I am often in the know.  However, there are some gems I miss despite their millions of hits only to stumble upon them thrilled.  Here is one of them

Joshua Harris mentioned on his blog the other day that it reminds him of what heaven will be like when people from all nations are dancing around with Christ.  I think he’s right on and I can’t wait to be right in the middle of it!  How sweet that by doing missions we have an opp to get a quality taste of that here and now.  Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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