HELL — The Resolved 2008 Conference wrapped up not too long ago and some really incredible things have been said about it.  I want to highlight a couple things to check out.

1) John Piper’s final message.  It was incredible.  I listened to it yesterday and was nearly moved to tears.  I won’t spoil it just listen.  Click the link above to download the audio for free.

2) CJ Mahaney’s final message.  A lot has been said about it.  I am about to listen to it today, and I am really excited for it.  Click the link above to the audio for download for free

3) Randy Alcorn’s plug for both of these messages and a letter to both men he published on his blog.  It was really encouraging and will make you want to listen to their messages a lot more than I have.  Alcorn also spoke at this conference.  I haven’t heard his talk yet, but he’s usually a really solid speaker, and just a really awesome guy in general.

The title of this blog has nothing to do with the fact that I got pulled over today for not using my turn signal (I just got a warning by God’s grace), it’s actually a reference to the theme of the conference, which was on the topic of Hell.  Understanding what Hell is, who goes there and why, etc. are huge to understanding the full implications of the Gospel.  Christ spoke about hell a lot, and those of us living our cushy lives in the western part of the world, seldomly think about death, eternal life, or eternal death.  So hearing this much about Hell is really helpful– and sobering.  That’s it for now…go download those messages for free!