If you’re like me and you’ve had questions about whether or not it’s imortant to become a member of a church, then I have found a message you really need to listen to.  It’s a message by Mark Dever called, “Membership and Congregationalism,” and it is the best resource I’ve come across on the subject so far.  I found it on the new Gospel Coalition’s website.  I have been wrestling with this subject a lot, and will probably share more thougths later, but Ifound this message to be very helpful.  I’ve been reading Josh Harris’s Stop Dating the Church, which has been helpful too.  Dever does a really great job making a clear, succinct argument that is very grounded biblically.  Check it out.

Also, check out the Gospel Coalition‘s new website.  They have an awesome collection of audio.  The bummer is that it’s not all free, but there is a lot of free stuff, and the contributors are second to none.