I was too busy with homework and finding a job to devour this book right when it came out, but July has afforded me with the time needed to dig in.  The Reason For God by Tim Keller excited me a lot when it came out because it seemed so much more rational and less rash than a lot of other books that attempt to answer folks with real skepticism and doubt about Christianity.  Here are some great quotes from the introduction:

This leads to a strange conclusion.  We have come to a cultural moment in whic both skeptics and believers feel their existence is threatened because both secular skepticism and religious faith are on the rise in significant, powerful ways.  We have neither the Western Chrsitendom of the past nor the secular, religionless society that was predicted for the future.  We have something else entirely (xv).

We have an impasse between the strengthening forces of doubt and belief, and this won’t be solved simply by calling for more civility and dialogue (xv).

I recommend that each side look at doubt in a radically new way…Let’s begin with believers.  A faith without some doubts is like a human body without any antibodies in it.  People who blithely go through life too busy or indifferent to ask hard questions about why they believe as they do will find themselves defenseless against either the experience of tragedy or the probing questions of a smart skeptic.  A person’s faith can collapse almost overnight if she has failed over the years to listen patiently to her own doubts, which should only be discarded after long reflection (xvi-xvii).

But even as believers should learn to look for reasons behind their faith, skeptics must learn to look for a type of faith hidden within their reasoning.  All doubts, however skeptical and cynical they may seem, are really a set of alternate beliefs (xvii).